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RISE LED Grow Light Technology

Metatron Technologies Limited presents RISE LED grow light technology endorsed by professionals for individuals seeking to cultivate the very best results.




Highly Efficient Targeted Light Frequencies

Perfect for all stages of growth!

Tested by the Professionals

RISE LED is the UK’s rising new brand specialising in powerful LED grow lights, delivering amazing results.

RISE LED grow lights were designed specially and specifically to replace HPS grow lights and other high usage lighting, to use less power to produce and achieve stunning results.

Extensive testing has proven RISE LED is a strong contender within the market.

3 Powerful Models

Offering three models in our RISE LED grow light range to replace 400w, 600w & 1000w HPS grow lights.

Exclusive Full Cycle Spectrum

RISE LED grow lights feature an exclusive light spectrum that emits frequencies giving the plant what it needs throughout its whole life cycle.

Testing and user feedback have shown phenomenal growth and bloom, resulting in amazing end results. Additionally, a surprising increase of the quality of the end product was observed.

No other LED grow light manufacturer can replicate the blended light frequencies within each single COB diode!

Top experts in the horticultural industry have concluded RISE LED is a top brand in the making that is going to play a prominent role in the LED grow light market.

Truly Impressive Results

LED grow light technology has come along way since their inception. You need to be 100% sure that you are getting the best lighting needs for your investment that will not only give you excellent results but will also show you consistent production and an increase in quality.

Purchase a RISE LED grow light and you will never go back to using HPS lighting in your garden ever again.

Don’t take our word for it, visit your local gardening expert who has trialled RISE LED, to see a model in store or for friendly helpful advice on the LED Technology and its performance and results.