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RISE LED Grow Lights

Safer than HPS, Quieter than HPS, More Powerful than HPS!

Designed to replace HPS and other forms of
lighting and use less power to achieve amazing results.

The Technology

Designed to replace HPS
RISE LED efficiently utilises 5w + 75w diodes for long lasting excellent results.

The Spectrum

Exclusive COB SUN Diodes
370nm to 850nm wavelengths in each COB diode, no other LED grow light can compare!

The Power

Intelligent Power Supply
Designed to last over 3 years of continuous use at 18+ hours per day.

The Growth

From Seed to Flower
Amazing growth, quality and production surprising all professionals and novices who use RISE LED.

The Results

Increased quality & Production
Fruits or vegetables grown under RISE LED will remind you of the taste, flavour and smell of food in the past!

100% Verified

By Top Professionals
Tested by the industries top experts and specialists for verified results you can depend on!

Produce real, measurable results, that’s what RISE LED, does best.

Don’t take our word for it, RISE LED has been trialled and tested for over 1+ year by the industry’s selected top recognized experts in their field in the UK and Netherlands and we have their testimonials to prove it. If you would like to hear what they are saying…

…or visit your local RISE LED stockist for expert help and advice or…

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3 Powerful Models

RISE LED Grow Lights


Uses only 240w and will replace a 400w HPS and cover .75m2.

RISE LED Grow Lights


Uses only 480w and will replace a 600w HPS and cover 1m2.

RISE LED Grow Lights


Uses only 750w and will replace a 1000w HPS and cover 1.2m2

If your LED grow light uses more power than your HPS for similar results = pointless

LED grow lights are the latest in lighting technology for plants, LED = efficiency, whilst exceeding the results growers would achieve with HPS. RISE LED grow lights emit the precise light frequencies plants love and thrive under whilst eliminating and reducing frequencies that emit heat or are not required.

White light emits wavelengths of all visible light frequencies. Some are not required or used by your plants and is wasted energy. RISE LED utilises a blend of frequencies that no other LED grow light manufacturer is capable of and is the perfect option for your plants!

If your LED grow light requires you to purchase bigger equipment and uses less power than a HPS = Pointless

LED grow lights are designed to be the latest and most efficient form of lighting in the 21st century; everything is increasing in cost, such as your energy costs. If you have to pay for larger temperature control equipment for an already expensive LED set-up, this defeats the purpose of using highly advanced LED lighting technology to achieve similar results to a HPS grow light.

If you have to purchase larger fans, filters/extraction/temperature control equipment for your latest LED grow light, you might as well stick to HPS! On the other hand, contact Metatron Technologies or visit our preferred specialist resellers for a demonstration.

Why buy RISE LED lighting technology?

RISE LED LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY was designed to replace HPS and other forms of lighting and to use less power to achieve amazing results. RISE LED offers 3 models to choose from. RISE 250, a 400w HPS grow light replacement. RISE 600, a 600w HPS grow light replacement and RISE 1000 which will replace a 1000w HPS grow light. RISE LED exceeds most growers’ expectations.

Easier temperature control

The temperature in a RISE LED grow room is considerably less when compared to using HPS or white LED grow lights the same area. In fact you could use more RISE 600 in the same space as HPS lighting or white LED grow lights and you would still require less expensive fans/filters/extraction/temperature control equipment to keep the small amount of heat RISE LED units emit.

RISE LED saves you money in energy costs and any additional equipment you may need to buy to keep your grow room temperature down when using other forms of lighting.

RISE LED grow lights use revolutionary SUN LED chips which generate light wavelengths between 370-850nm. RISE LED gives you excellent results from seed to flower. RISE LED maybe the only grow light you will ever want!

Why targeted light frequencies are more effective than white light?

Take 2 LED grow lights that both use 600w of energy, one LED that emits white light and the other emitting Specific Light Frequencies targeted for plants. Which LED grow light do you think is more effective for plant growth?

A) White light because it encompasses all visible frequencies, giving plants everything I think they need.

B) Specific Targeted Light Frequencies because plants get exactly what they need and require.

The answer is B.

The LED grow light that emits white light emits all visible frequencies. Plants don’t use or require some of these light frequencies and is wasted energy which you are still paying for. RISE LED grow lights have been designed especially for plants and more light is being absorbed than HPS or any white light LEDs and is measured for PAR.

RISE LEDS’ SUN spectrum is what the plants “see” and thrive under. The measurement of Lumens is only for Human eyes. Specific Targeted Light Frequencies will always outperform all White light LED grow lights that uses the same energy consumption. All 600 watts of energy used is being absorbed by the plant.


Another benefit of Specific Targeted Light Frequencies is when Inverse Square law is applied to light.

When using HPS or White LED grow lights, you can be sure that some of these light frequencies will be a waste of energy. With Inverse Square Law, when light falls further it is not as powerful as the top and due to the reflection off tent walls etc., light particles bounce around on all surfaces and get weaker each time these bounce off more surfaces.

When Specific Targeted Light Frequencies bounce off multiple surfaces they are still providing plants with more PAR than HPS or white LED grow lights.

Plants are fully absorbing all of the targeted light particles emitted from RISE LED.