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Metatron Technologies offer a variety of ways to purchase the products on our website. The preferred method is by using Paypal. We will only deliver products to the registered address of the credit/debit card holder or the card used for purchase. Exceptions to this policy can be made by contacting Metatron Technologies on +44 (0) 7719 720 432. Purchases made through our site will show up on your credit card statement as follows: “Metatron Technologies”.


All products are shipped in discrete cardboard boxes to the address you provide. Items are normally posted/couriered within 10 working days of receiving payment and goods are generally received within 10-14 days of placing your order. On some occasions, products can take a maximum of 28 days to deliver, depending on your location and our stock levels. The prices for our products do not include postage/courier. This is a separate additional charge. For Europe, each country and package will have it’s own unique charge.

Product Policies:

At Metatron Technologies, we offer a 28-day standard return policy on all of our LED Grow Lights. Returns are limited to (2) Two LED Grow Lights per customer, and must be returned in “unused” condition, inside of their original packaging. Return postage is the responsibility of the consumer. Cancellations are only offered in the event that your item has not yet been delivered. There are no exceptions to this policy. Returns are subject to 20% restocking fee. These fees apply to items that are returned only, not exchanged due to defects.


In the event that there is a problem with the functionality of any of our grow lights, Metatron Technologies require photographic evidence displaying the said problem (IE: if two light modules are not turning on, a photograph showing it). If you are unable to provide pictures of your product, we will supply you with a return address to send the light, where we will determine the damage and either fix the light or replace it with a new one. If the light has been tampered with or it is found that the damage was caused by the customer, there will be a repair fee associated with the return of your product. If it is determined that the product is irreparable, we will notify you immediately. If the warranty seal is broken, your warranty becomes null and void. If damage has been caused by abnormal use, neglect (such as dripping water), wrong input voltage, dropping or breaking the light, use in environments of over 60% humidity, etc…, the warranty is void. Warranty coverage is ultimately left to the discretion of Metatron Technologies, reserves the right to refuse warranty repair or replacement service to anyone.

For minor repairs such as a power supply replacement, we will send the new part to you with instructions on how to replace it. In the event that the new part does not fix the problem, or there is a problem which is more complex, the light will need to be returned for a warranty replacement. In the event of a replacement, we will send you a return shipping label for the defective product, and after it has been received we will send out a new replacement unit to you. The defective unit must be returned in its original packaging and box. Send your photographic evidence of the malfunctioning unit to warranties@metatrontechnologies.com